With a GHS Quiz, you can test your knowledge or your employees’ knowledge. In three rounds, the aim is to find the formulation of a possible hazard statement that matches the pictogram displayed. While on level 1, only the meaning of the GHS pictograms is asked for, on level 2 individual hazard labels according to the legislation on dangerous goods are also displayed instead of the GHS pictogram. This can replace the corresponding GHS pictograms in individual cases.

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The three rollers are started one after the other and stopped by the player. One of the 9 hazard pictograms according to GHS is displayed - or on level 2 also a hazard label. There are three suggested formulations for a hazard statement. Only one of the three available formulations is a correct formulation of the GHS hazard statements. The other two are either made up, belong to a different pictogram or are an obsolete formulation of R-phrases. For example, the wording "flammable" for the pictogram "Flame" is not correct - this was the old name of the R-phrase. In GHS, e.g.: “Highly flammable liquid and vapor”.
Hazard labels are also deliberately displayed on level 2. They can replace the GHS pictogram on drums or intermediate bulk containers (IBC). Employees should therefore also be able to assign these hazard labels.
Incidentally, bonus points will be awarded as soon as two equal (or even three equal) icons are displayed on the roller. The question is not necessarily easier - as many pictograms are also used for several hazard classes and categories and therefore for different hazard statement formulations, there are no "double" statements in each round.

GHS Jewels

GHS Jewels presents labelling symbols for hazardous chemicals (these are the so-called hazard pictograms according to the Globally Harmonized System for labeling of hazardous substances) and the fundamental principles of the measures for safe handling. The game is played like the typical Jewels/Bejeweled/Match3 games. Adjacent jewels are exchanged to form combinations of the same tiles. They are only exchanged if a combination of 3, 4 or 5 jewels (horizontally or vertically) results.

GHS Jewels (Game idea)

The Jewels game is available as an app for Android, Apple and Windows Phone in the stores:

Android version:

Apple version:

Windows Phone version:

Windows PC version: Download ZIP file (Size: ca. 15 MB)

The PC version can be installed on Windows computers. This means it can be used at in-house action days etc.. With a touch screen, the game can be operated like a smartphone, but it can also be played using a mouse. Unpack the game in any folder after downloading, then the game can be played directly (no installation required).


TRGS 554 Abgase von Dieselmotoren neu erschienen

Die TRGS "Abgase von Dieselmotoren" wurde vollständig überarbeitet und am 18.03.2019 veröffentlicht. Sie beschreibt wichtige Punkte zur Gefährdungsbeurteilung und gibt Schutzmaßnahmen an.  

DGUV-I 209-044 Holzstaub neu erschienen

Die DGUV Information "Holzstaub" ist im Februar 2019 erschienen. Sie ist eine Praxishilfe für die Erstellung der Gefährdungsbeurteilung und beschreibt Informationsermittlung, die zu ergreifenden Schutzmaßnahmen und die Wirksamkeitskontrolle.

Umsetzungpflicht der 6. ATP verschoben

Die 6. ATP wurde hinsichtlich der verpflichtenden Einstufungsänderungen zahlreicher Stoffe "verschoben" - die 6. ATP muss jetzt erst am 01.01.2016 verbindlich angewendet werden (statt ab 01.04.2015).